I am married to Estelle and we have a daughter, Melissa and a son, Nicholas.

We live in the northern suburbs of Cape Town, surrounded by majestic mountains to the north and the amazing Atlantic ocean to the south.

I am blessed in the sense that my family loves exploring the outdoors and enjoy a bit of risk and adventure.



I chose to become a full time photographer because I just love photography and being creative.


My interest in photography started in 1998 when I started to explore Southern Africa, wanting to capture the natural beauty of landscapes and wild animals roaming free. I had the need to preserve those experiences shared with my family, and relive them as clear as the day when we were there.

Serving in the corporate management world for many years, I realized that I want to be free and make my dreams come true. I chose to become a professional photographer and traveler.

I have joined a local photography club, served as committee member, grateful for learning so much from members about photography. I also joined various international photography websites to get inspiration and learn even more about photography techniques and genres.



I found the photography of people to be the most challenging subject. When I photograph a person, I want the picture to show the person's emotion, the personality and being unique.

I am an easy going person, focused to fulfill in the client's expectations and prepared to throw the rule book out of the window.

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