Why do you need a Photographer?

March 8, 2017

I am continuing with my research to reach more clients with my photography services.


The question I asked is "What does clients want when they search for a photographer".

The answer is simple, they are looking for a person to take pictures of a special event, a celebration, family photo's or photo's of intimate moments.


So why don't they get a friend to take the photo's, why look for a PHOTOGRAPHER?

Again a simple answer. They want quality photos taken by an experienced or professional photographer, because the event is so special to them. They really want to create good memories and capture those experiences in a good photograph.


There are so many photographers, how do you choose the right one for your needs?

I guess the most important factor to most of you is how much will it cost? Once you have decided on your budget, then you can start to search for a photographer whom can provide you with that service at the price you can afford. To narrow down your search, try to search for a photographer with good experience, someone whom has the photography style that you prefer, and someone you can connect with during your first meeting, and someone whom can deliver the services you are paying for at the promised dates.


If you really have a small budget you can search for up and coming photographers whom are really passionate about their craft and able to provide you with an outstanding service and great photographs at significant lesser rates. Check out their websites and look at their portfolios, Google their names to establish how active they are to get a reasonable feel to perhaps shortlist them for a meeting.


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